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Convergent Telecom Canada, a Certified Bell Canada partner supports a wide range of reliable and efficient solutions including Fibre Optic Internet, Ethernet Internetworking, and MPLS/IPVPN. Cloud business solutions offered through Bell Canada’s Private MPLS and Data Centre Networks are designed to meet your budget and business' bandwidth requirements.

  • Cloud Hosting/Data Centre

    Simplify your IT infrastructure with a fully-managed Data Centre, hosted in the Cloud. The safety and accessibility of data is integral to the livelihood of your business. Consider the financial implications of potential operational down-time as a result of data-system failure/wreckage. Your data will be secured in a Data Centre that provides class-leading infrastructure, redundancy and availability. Our Cloud-Hosted service remains scalable ...
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    Bell’s IP VPN service is a leading WAN solution that provides secure infrastructure and integrated management, supported by guaranteed levels of performance. IP VPN provides rich capabilities grouping voice, data and video over a private IP MPLS network. This service enables advanced applications such as video conferencing and voice over IP.  IP VPN is scalable to your business operation and budget requirements and remains adaptive to futu...
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  • Ethernet Internetworking / EI

    The demand for bandwidth is increasing from the development of data centre hosting and storage area networks. Speed and reliability have become essential components to network functionality and overall business success. Ethernet Internetworking ensures your business is equipped to meet these challenges by increasing the speed and strength of your network. Ethernet Internetworking offers a wide range of network configuration options which a...
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  • Dedicated Fibre Internet/Bid OE

    Business Internet Optical Ethernet service is a reliable high-speed connectivity service that permanently connects your LAN to the Internet with secure, efficient and accessible connectivity. BID OE is delivered over Bell’s next-generation Fibre Optic internet; this service provides your business with a dedicated connection supporting guaranteed and symmetrical bandwidth speeds. As your online requirements change, so can this Fibre Interne...
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  • Dedicated T1 Service

    T1 service provides guaranteed, symmetrical bandwidth to ensure your business has a reliable and efficient online environment.  Provisioned on copper access, Bell T1 provides a platform for businesses who want to host a web site or manage their own email server.  A bonded T1 is also available for businesses that require more bandwidth. Business Internet Dedicated (BID) T1 is designed for companies with critical needs in terms of data trans...
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  • Dedicated ADSL/ADSL Extra

    ADSL service provides several bandwidth options to choose from.  For businesses that require multiple static IPs and need to connect multiple users, ADSL provides a cost-effective, efficient and reliable solution.   ADSL 15g Features Up to 6Mbps/16Mbps and upload up to 800Kbps/1Mbps. 15 GB usage, overages billed at $20/Mbps for every 1Mbps over 15 GB Bell managed router Usage, MTTR and reporting available 15 email plus...
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  • Non-Dedicated Business Internet Service (BIS)

    High Speed internet service provides consistent and efficient access with a variety of download speed options and 300Gb of monthly data usage.  BIS is an affordable internet solution which can be bundled with various value-added services such as protection against online viruses and technical support for data and PC. Bell’s new internet bundles will provide customers with a simplified choice that includes a pre-set upload and download spee...
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    VINO SD WAN Convergent Telecom Consulting
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  • “It’s always been a pleasure working with you... You take great care of us."
    L Burford
  • "We decided to look for another provider for all our corporate cellular voice and data devices and were lucky enough to turn to Convergent Telecom/Bell Canada for help. ...if someone needs help with their voice, data and wireless communication needs, Convergent Telecom Canada must be the "go to" people of choice."
    Cristina (V.P. Assistant - WIS International)