Dedicated T1 Service

T1 service provides guaranteed, symmetrical bandwidth to ensure your business has a reliable and efficient online environment.  Provisioned on copper access, Bell T1 provides a platform for businesses who want to host a web site or manage their own email server.  A bonded T1 is also available for businesses that require more bandwidth.

Business Internet Dedicated (BID) T1 is designed for companies with critical needs in terms of data transfer speed backed by a 4-hour MTTR. 


  • Flexible 1.544Mbps or 3Mbps bandwidth speed
  • Symmetrical bandwidth 
  • Unlimited monthly data transfer and internet access 
  • 1 personalized domain name offered
  • 8 IP addresses up to a maximum of 32, additional available
  • Cisco Router included


  • Improve ROI
  • Reduce costs and improve productivity
  • Reduce capital expenditures on network management systems/operations
  • Concentrate valuable resources on core business objectives 
  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve network performance, reliability and consistency 
  • Minimize the impact of upgrades and network design changes 
  • Professional network management:
  • Extensive monitoring – 24/7 site availability and router-threshold monitoring, troubleshooting and restoration 
  • Comprehensive reporting – site & network level reporting available through a convenient web portal

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What Our Satisfied Customers Say

  • “…we were impressed by the fact that you made a concerted effort to understand our business…few have undertaken such a granular analysis of our business processes with the expressed intent of offering business solutions…”
    David N Watson (General Manager, G-Tel Engineering)
  • "I know that there are MANY mobile, self employed, service based business through out the US and in Canada that I would hands down recommend your apps as the first investment that they make into their company to help grasp information at their finger tips and log it out of their busy day in just two clicks. Its billing, expense and time rolled into one with customer service to back it and really you can not ask for more."