Hosted PBX Solutions

The digital communications revolution is happening right now. Many of your competitors are moving to IP-PBX services to substantially lower their costs while increasing their operational efficiency and expanding their capabilities. Don’t get left behind!

Up until now, businesses looking for phone systems have had only two options. Traditional PBXs are very expensive. Key systems don’t have the features you need and don’t scale as your business grows. Times have changed!

Convergent Telecom offers hosted IP-PBX solutions that are almost infinitely scalable, and  ideal for supporting workers in multiple locations, or supporting mulitple locations in Canada and the US. The Internet seamlessly and inexpensively connects your main office with branch locations and telecommuters located anywhere around the globe. Calls between your locations are free!

Enjoy the benefits of Unified Communications (UC). Hosted IP-PBX  service integrates enhanced voicemail, faxes and email, saving your employees time and enhancing productivity—and comes as a standard feature.

Manage it yourself!  Hosted IP solutions offer a user-friendly, web-based interface  that allows you to deploy, configure and manage your system. In addition, our support team will help out when needed and answer any questions. Let us show you how to reduce your telecommunications spend - while improving your service. Eliminate, expensive phone system maintenance contracts, long distance between your sites, and expensive legacy voice lines, that carriers like to auto renew.

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What Our Satisfied Customers Say

  • Your solutions specialists were readily available to accommodate my requests at no delay. Working with a tight time frame, you were able to analyze my business needs and provide a great solution for my business telephone network.
    Nick Sebastian (General Manager - Rose City Chrysler)
  • “…we were impressed by the fact that you made a concerted effort to understand our business…few have undertaken such a granular analysis of our business processes with the expressed intent of offering business solutions…”
    David N Watson (General Manager, G-Tel Engineering)