Mobile Asset Investment Recovery

Most corporate clients have invested heavily in mobile phones, smart phones, and tablets. There’s a saying that “nothing in life is free”, and that saying certainly holds true with mobile devices. Most carriers offer free hardware with two and three year contracts, and although you may not get an invoice when you pick up your device, the bottom line is that these mobile assets are costing the company. 

Convergent Telecom provides their clients with a method of recovering asset value in used devices as well as an environmentally friendly way of disposing of used and broken devices. As part of our asset recovery services, we wipe all corporate data, identify and report on all IMEI numbers, device model numbers, and provide an estimate of the dollar value clients can recover from their used devices.  

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What Our Satisfied Customers Say

  • "I know that there are MANY mobile, self employed, service based business through out the US and in Canada that I would hands down recommend your apps as the first investment that they make into their company to help grasp information at their finger tips and log it out of their busy day in just two clicks. Its billing, expense and time rolled into one with customer service to back it and really you can not ask for more."
  • "We decided to look for another provider for all our corporate cellular voice and data devices and were lucky enough to turn to Convergent Telecom/Bell Canada for help. ...if someone needs help with their voice, data and wireless communication needs, Convergent Telecom Canada must be the "go to" people of choice."
    Cristina (V.P. Assistant - WIS International)