In-Building Cellular Enhancements

In today's cellular world, poor reception in office buildings, airports and parking garages can lead to missed calls, opportunities, and loss of revenue. In our increasing competitive world, employee productivity is vital to an organization's viability, growth and longevity. The need for continuous and robust wireless coverage is critical for workers to be efficient and effective.

Although our mobile cellular networks have grown in coverage area and transmission speeds, construction materials such as concrete, steel, or tinted glass can drastically reduce or even eliminate indoor signal availability. No matter how good the coverage is outside your building, there is little doubt that the coverage inside will pale in comparison. Convergent Telecom Canada specialises in providing in-building cellular coverage enhancements solutions as well as complex installations such as Sir Adam Beck generating station in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Convergent can help business cost effectively complete or extend their indoor cellular coverage and footprint by ensuring ubiquitous coverage for all smart phone users inside the office and out. Convergent in-building deployments help boost indoor wireless coverage for 700-MHz,850- MHz,900-MHz and 1900-MHz frequencies in offices and warehouses of up to 100,000 sq ft (per system). We have other solutions for larger environments. We are experienced with small offices, multi-tenant buildings, hospitals, hotels and conference centres, and warehouses to mention a few.

Our systems provide practical, cost-effective coverage solutions for single story or multi-floor buildings, underground parking garages, tunnels, and large warehouses, manufacturing, or industrial complexes.

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