Convergent Telecom introduces “Talk-IP-Genie”, a Push To Talk solution for Smart Phones, to North American business, and it works Globally too.

Posted Jan 13th, 2011 in News

Toronto, Ontario Canada – Convergent Telecom  today announced a Push to Talk voice over IP service called “Talk-IP-Genie” that supports the latest devices including Smart Phones such as; Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Symbian, Nokia, and  Nokia Mobile IP, as well as  Windows PC. Talk-IP-Genie uses Smart Phone radio’s with built in GPS to provide instant communications by small or large groups in business globally. Users include transportation companies for dispatch, public safety and first responders, as well as Taxi companies and Couriers.  The technology is used in Germany and Brazil exclusively by the police and fire rescue.

Push to Talk-IP-Genie offers push-to-talk features similar to Nextel’s Direct Connect, but over IP instead, said Roland Bissell, CEO of Convergent Telecom. Bissell went onto report: many large organizations have multiple carriers to satisfy their needs and requirements of their mobile work force based on their geographic location. Until now, Push to Talk has only been available through one carrier such as Sprint Nextel in the USA, and Telus in Canada, and coverage has always (and continues to be) the biggest issue.

Now, with more and more corporations deploying Smart Phones, having a geographically dispersed work force no longer inhibits use of Push To Talk services. Talk-IP-Genie works on any Windows PC Client with Internet Access, as well as all Mobile Carriers provided they are using one of the operating systems stated above. Twenty five (25) minutes of talk time equals 1 megabit of data usage on the Smart Phone or Internet access. Talk-IP-Genie is available globally as a software as a service solution for individual users as well as larger enterprise clients. Pricing has been set at $10.00 per month per mobile user as well as PC user. Optionally, GPS tracking with pinpoint accuracy is available at a cost of $5.00 per user per month. Smart Phone users are required to sign off on having a large enough data plan from their mobile carrier.

About Convergent Telecom Inc. – Convergent Telecom Inc. was founded in April 1998 and is a leading wire line, and wireless reseller for Bell Canada or Bell Mobility.

In 2010 Convergent Telecom made it onto the list of “The Canadian Innovation Exchange”, which identifies Canadian companies with innovative technology-based products and services in: Clean Technology, Digital Media, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sectors. Convergent Telecom continues to embrace Innovation by licensing enterprise mobile application software for Smart Phones across North America.

Trademark statement:

All brands and trademarks mentioned in this press release are the property of their respective owners. Talk-IP-Genie, MyFormsGenie and MyMileageGenie are  trademarks of Convergent Telecom  Inc.

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