Bell Launches 700MHz LTE

Posted Apr 4th, 2014 in News

Bell has officially launched 700MHz LTE connectivity with the first rollout in Upper Hamilton, Ontario on April 3. Bell is the first carrier in Canada to make use of the newly acquired licenses purchased earlier this year in Canada's wireless spectrum auction. More areas to expand across the country throughout the year to urban centres, rural communities and small towns.

What does 700 MHz LTE mean to Bell Mobility clients? The most noticeable enhancement will be better reception and stronger signal quality in basements, elevators, and buildings with thick concrete walls including parking garages without compromising Bell's blazing fast LTE speed.  Rural areas will benefit the most as these signals will travel further without distorting. Signals that travel further mean more LTE coverage across Canada and bridging of gaps in rural areas.

Will all devices work on 700MHz? About 98% of Bell devices already support 700MHz but there are a small number that do not: Sierra Wireless data card, Netgear Hub (MBR1516), Blackberry Z30, Samunsun Ativ S, Sony Xperia SP and Xperia Z.


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