Improving business process with a Hosted Voice Platform

Posted Dec 10th, 2014

Improving business process with a Hosted Voice Platform

Today’s leading companies are realizing that business continuity has become a driving force in our business landscape.  The ability to access business applications from any location on any device is essential to the productivity of individuals and the effectiveness of a company as a whole.

Bell Total Connect Voice represents the latest revolution in cloud-based voice services.  Total Connect Voice allows businesses to integrate geographically-dispersed office locations while enabling employees to access the office from any location on any device.

This new wave of cloud-based technology has created a platform to seamlessly integrate your mobile devices with your Wire-Line services.  Total Connect Voice also integrates with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Microsoft Office allowing employees to have consolidated-access to all business-systems on any device.

Cloud-based services like Total Connect Voice are highly-customizable depending on your specific business needs.  Contact a Convergent Telecom Solutions Specialist for free business consultation to determine how your organization can leverage today’s cloud technologies.


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