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In order to remain competitive in today’s changing retail landscape, retailers must increase market share, streamline operations, and provide and overall better shopping experience to their customers.  Through the implementation of innovative and adaptive technology solutions our goal is to increase efficiency across the retail system, to reduce cost and improve service levels.

Managed Network Services

A managed network solution such as an MPLS IP VPN provides a robust infrastructure that allows retailers to focus on their core business without the headaches of managing a complicated infrastructure. Cut costs and improve productivity with one network for all of your retail applications – Payment – Internet – Digital Signage – Inventory and more.


Industry leading network security standards and best practices that ensure PCI compliance while protecting the integrity and confidentiality of customer and company information.

New Site Roll-Out

Our business is to help you get your new location up and running. From voice, network, structured cabling and equipment procurement our managed new site roll-out services makes it easy for your business to expand and open new locations.

  • Warehouse management systems
  • Bar code and RF technologies
  • Transportation management systems

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What Our Satisfied Customers Say

  • "I know that there are MANY mobile, self employed, service based business through out the US and in Canada that I would hands down recommend your apps as the first investment that they make into their company to help grasp information at their finger tips and log it out of their busy day in just two clicks. Its billing, expense and time rolled into one with customer service to back it and really you can not ask for more."
  • “…we were impressed by the fact that you made a concerted effort to understand our business…few have undertaken such a granular analysis of our business processes with the expressed intent of offering business solutions…”
    David N Watson (General Manager, G-Tel Engineering)