Shanon Convery

Shannon Convery

Sales Associate

Shannon Convery has spent her entire telecom career at Convergent Telecom. For two years, she has represented Convergent Telecom with the highest level of professionalism. As a sales associate, she assists the team with both sales and requests.

Shannon assists customers with Bell Canada telephone and internet needs. By providing businesses with the right tools for their business needs, she can help connect your with the right technology.

Outside of work, Shannon enjoys going to the cottage, hiking outdoors, and trying her luck on the golf course. To get in touch with her directly, call 905 708-0056.

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What Our Satisfied Customers Say

  • “…we were impressed by the fact that you made a concerted effort to understand our business…few have undertaken such a granular analysis of our business processes with the expressed intent of offering business solutions…”
    David N Watson (General Manager, G-Tel Engineering)
  • Your solutions specialists were readily available to accommodate my requests at no delay. Working with a tight time frame, you were able to analyze my business needs and provide a great solution for my business telephone network.
    Nick Sebastian (General Manager - Rose City Chrysler)