Tanya Rodger

Tanya Rodger

Sales Associate

Tanya Rodger brings in a lot of experience to Convergent Telecom. She has 15 years of combined experience working in customer service, client care and human resources. Tanya has seven years of wireless experience; four of them being with Convergent Telecom.

Tanya handles all of Convergent's extended and in-warranty repairs for corporate clients. Her exceptional customer service skills make her the perfect person you want to see when walking in the door.

When not in the office, Tanya is usually playing roller derby with the Niagara Roller Girls. She also enjoys giving back to the community by volunteering her time. Tanya can be contacted directly at 905 708 - 0065.


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What Our Satisfied Customers Say

  • “It’s always been a pleasure working with you... You take great care of us."
    L Burford
  • "We decided to look for another provider for all our corporate cellular voice and data devices and were lucky enough to turn to Convergent Telecom/Bell Canada for help. ...if someone needs help with their voice, data and wireless communication needs, Convergent Telecom Canada must be the "go to" people of choice."
    Cristina (V.P. Assistant - WIS International)